Frequently Asked Questions!

Is the booth easy to use?

The booth is very easy to use! Just get in, smile, and press the big button. The booth will take 4 shots approximately 5-10 seconds apart; each photo will be displayed on a monitor inside the booth. Seconds later the pictures are printed and available inside the booth.

Can the photo strips be personalized?

Yes, we can add a personalized logo to the bottom of each strip. Please inquire for more details.

Is there a limit on how many photos we can print at the event?

No. Each package comes with unlimited prints during your event!

Does the booth print color or black and white photos?

The booth prints color or black and white photos. You choose!

Is someone from your company there during the event?

Yes. Included in the rental is an on-site attendant who will be there for the duration of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Are there special power requirements to run the booth?

No. All that is required is access to one standard 110v outlet within 30 ft of the booth.

Do you provide me with a digital copy of the pictures of the event?

We will provide you (at no additional cost) with a high resolution digital copy of all your images. All your event photos will be uploaded to an online photo gallery to be viewed or printed later by your guests. This includes both the photo strip files and the original photos that make up each strip. Our system will upload the photos to your personalized gallery. Once uploaded you will be informed via email that the photos are available and sent a hyperlink (which will expire after 30 days) directly to you for a full download of all your images

Do you require a deposit for a photo booth rental?

Yes, A $100 non-refundable deposit and signed contract is required to hold your date.

Can you print a logo, monogram, graphic, or text message on our photos?

We can design a custom graphic, logo or monogram for your photo strip. It is a one time fee of $25. If you do have a specific logo in mind for the event you can use it. The logo however will need to meet our size and format requirements (1090px by 802px, preferred JPG file).

How much do you charge for idle hours?

We charge $50 extra per hour of idle time although we will set up one hour early at no cost. Some customers choose to have the booth run for a one hour cocktail hour, have it idle for an hour during dinner and then have it run for a couple more hours during the reception as well.

How many sessions are possible with your Photo booth?

Up to 70 Sessions an Hour. We feel that speed is a VERY important consideration when choosing the best booth for your event. The speed of a booth should not consider the printing time alone, but the overall process time for each session. This is why we have designed our booths to be simple and to the point.